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Peter Frederick

‘Oh, you’ve been a travelling salesman? Well, you have so much experience, you have so much to write about,’ people would tell me with a gleam in their eyes. They seemed to assume that my life was based on lots of juicy bits and scandals!


Why, even my teacher in a writing course would give me extra encouragement to write about my encounters whilst travelling around. ‘You have sooo much to write about!’ she would sing out wistfully, with a mischievous side glance combined with an knowing nod.


But the fact is, that my working life was as hard-working as anybody’s and, after hours, I was holed-up in a motel room, either writing my reports, completing other paperwork for my company or studying some business subjects in my thirst for knowledge.


Therefore, I couldn’t have lived a more mundane existence and most of my funny and thoughtful situations were created by life itself unintentionally and sometimes crazily. They could not possibly have been dreamed up, I was confronted with them, suddenly and unexpectedly.


I either had to cope with them or suffer them, in any case they were, in hindsight, a wonderful pattern of life itself and therefore, in a way, part of myself.


Many factors played a role in my travels: the great boss I had and colleagues I worked with, the beautiful Australian       country side, the many different and wonderful people I’ve met who confided in me their thoughts and aspirations and, of course, the lovely animals I’ve come in contact with.


Naturally, I’ve had to change the names of the towns and the people I’ve met. Most of them are still around and prefer their   privacy. Some of them may recognise themselves as they read these recollections and laugh aloud about a past funny moment. 


The many hilarious situations and serious encounters are now all recalled in this book, which I hope will cheer and enrich the reader.


There is a free seat in my station wagon and I invite you to come with me on a fun-filled journey on the road!
Peter Frederick


Peter Frederick