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Life on the Road
Life on the Road
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Life On The Road by Peter Frederick.
Paperback: 189 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 0646470973


'Life on the Road' is an amusing collection of memories put together by floor-salesman Peter Frederick throughout his career with IKA Floors. From his prompt 7:30am start to whenever he manages to get some rest in the evening, Peter is constantly on the go and having to react to the weird and wonderful circumstances in which he finds himself. Travelling across Australia to do business with a range of clients, we relive some of Peter's most memorable moments.


From his publicly well-spoken and jovial boss Declan, to the intriguing Mr Sussman and unprofessional Ian Farmer, Peter meets different people from all walks of life. These encounters with fascinating characters, who at times amaze and at others frustrate, never fail to entertain. With their quirky traits and unusual styles, each is singularly unique and captivating, providing both Peter and the reader with moments of genuine astonishment.


Strange situations abound in this warm and cheerful book. Whether coming across dancing dogs and upside-down floors or experiencing awkward moments in the bathroom and the mechanics, Peter’s wonderfully varied life continually manages to amuse and surprise. Lying at the heart of the book is the salesman himself, taking in each experience and adapting so adroitly to all manner of situations. Peter is a man clearly in love with his career and his kind-hearted and generous nature win him friends throughout the business and encapsulate the reader.


Told with real gusto and displaying an impressively detailed memory, 'Life on the Road' is a crisp and salubrious journey along the path of a successful salesman. Peter's charm and selfless nature ensure that, in the end, every situation is successfully resolved, and are guaranteed to win him, and his book, many admirers.