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On the Road Again
On the Road Again
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On The Road Again by Peter Frederick.
Paperback: 216 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 0646506524


More hilarious situations for the author as he travels, through Australia’s beautiful countryside, meeting wonderful people, characters from all walks of life, cultures and organisations.


Plus, lectures at a technical college, lunchtime product presentations for groups of architects and interior designers have to be conducted and, of course, things can go wrong…...


Especially for an ‘inventor’ of the biggest surfboard ever seen, who  could never reach the water, or for Rosa, who fell in love with three lion cubs, the sensation of a jug of rainwater in a drought-stricken town, the fiasco with a big trade convention in Sydney, mellow stories involving animals and the list goes on.


This is another, most entertaining collection of the many funny mishaps and adversities; they all factors in this book, enriching, cheering and uplifting the reader.